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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jun 16, 2020

Today we are doing another Ask Amber anything episode. I've done a couple of these and then past In fact, Episode 20 was asked Amber anything about macros, Episode # 60, and 61 were asked anything about supplements, part one and part two. So those are some good episodes to go back and listen. And today we're going to ask Amber anything about weightlifting. So this is where I asked you guys what questions you have. And that's what I answer. I sit here and answer the questions that you guys currently have about weightlifting, about getting stronger, about building muscle. And we have some good content that we're gonna go over today. And I hope that you'll walk away from this episode feeling inspired to go pick up some weights.  

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  • Freebies. (1:40)
  • Customize your workout plan. (4:05)
  • Weightlifting and getting stronger prevent injuries in the future. (7:15)
  • Pain indicates that you need to stop. (11:15)
  • Your focus may be different, but not your weight training. (13:43)
  • Know and set your end goal. (17:33, 21:28)
  • Must-haves for building a home gym. (29:30)
  • Difference between training and working out. (43:57)


I hope that you got your question answered. Maybe somebody else asked the question that you didn't even really know that you had and you got that one answered as well. But I'm hoping that you're walking away from listening to this episode really excited about picking up some weights, picking up some barbells and some dumbbells, and being able to progress towards the goal that you have set for yourself. And really making sure that your workouts are aligning with your goal. There are two aspects to hitting a physical goal, the nutrition aspect which we need to make sure that our nutrition is supporting the goal that we set, and then the workout aspect making sure the workout supports the goal that you've set. And that's why I have MACROS101 that teaches you how to customize your nutrition towards your goal. And I have  Build Your Workouts which has helped to create how to customize a workout to be able to push you a little bit closer to your goal.