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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jan 14, 2020

Have you ever wondered why I do what I do? What gets me out of bed in the morning? Here’s my main drive:  I believe SO strongly that when women feel empowered, when they step into their ability to make choices, when they step into their ability to create goals and to achieve those goals, that it changes not only them, but it changes their family. As Team Biceps After Babies, we have a 10 year goal to have 1,000 transformations. Today I am sharing with you five women who have transformed far more than their bodies--they have changed their family tree! And what you'll notice with each of them is that it started with a goal, and it morphed into something so much more. What I love is that people come to me for fitness and then they leave and it impacts their life in so many other ways. 


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