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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jan 21, 2020

Today I have two special guests for you! In the MACROS 101 community we ran a transformation contest and we had women from the program submit their transformation in a video and share about their experience. Our winner was Melissa Porter! I have interviewed Melissa on episodes 35 and 69. I wanted to make sure that we got the other two women who were finalists for that transformation contest onto the podcast because both of them have such good stories to share about what they've learned in MACROS 101 and how it has transformed their body, life, and mental space. A lot of my clients come to me for weight loss. They want to lose weight and what happens in the process of getting to that weight loss is often a big mental transformation. And both Megan and Erin speak to that mental transformation that has occurred for them and I'm super excited for them to be able to share their stories with you!

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