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Biceps After Babies Radio

Mar 17, 2020

The past week has been such a crazy, crazy week. (recorded March 16th, 2020). There are so many open-ended parts of our lives right now, that finding a health and fitness balance amongst the chaos may or may not be on your radar. Today I chat about how we can align our goals during the uncertainty, specifically continuing our exercise regimen at home. Included is a free downloadable at-home workout guide.


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  • We are going through a crazy time right now, there are many emotions people are experiencing. (1:53)
  • Determine your WHY.  (6:35)
  • Exercising just to move your body. (11:26)
  • Exercising to train for a specific goal. What is progressive overload? (14:45)


Whether you're worried about finances, health, parents, etc. I just want to say that this is a time to be gentle with yourself. This is a time to keep setting goals. But set those goals according to what matters to you, and according to what your values are. Your values may be shifting right now during this time, and that is okay! The most important thing is that you're being intentional with it, and you are creating the life that you want. Be very gentle with yourself and take it a day at a time and to listen to your body. Listen to how it's feeling and and what's going on. And be gentle with what you're requiring of yourself at this time!

Free Deck of Card Workout Download 

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