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Biceps After Babies Radio

Mar 24, 2020

This week I have another timely episode for you with our crazy lives that we’ve transitioned to with the CoronaVirus. Last week I chatted about how we can maximize our at home workout plan, and this week I want to talk about the other side of that coin - nutrition. Our lives are changing, which means our goals and normal ways of how we fuel ourselves may be affected as well. I have four different topics to address today about how we can adjust our nutrition and mindset to come out even better than we were before this pandemic. 

4 Topics of Discussion

  1. Intentional with time (9:30) Think about to establish a new normal.
  2. Set a goal (11:45) What is one thing you can focus on right now?
  3. Moving to Maintenance (16:00) Intentionally eating more food. 
  4. Moving away from tracking. (24:14) Now may be a good time to work on your estimation. 


Instead of falling into victim mode, you can start to flip it around and look at it with a different perspective, and really start to step into the creator mode. You will recognize that life doesn't happen to you, but life happens for you. And that every time that you see a problem, there is also an opportunity. 


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