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Biceps After Babies Radio

Mar 31, 2020

For the past few weeks I have been hopping on Instagram for “Free Coaching Fridays” where I coach a follower through a question they have, just as if they were a client of mine. I love doing Free Coaching Fridays! And today I wanted to share this past week’s coaching. Sara was awesome enough to be coached through her overwhelm and set tangible action steps to get started. I know so many of us can relate to Sara and the position she is in as we are all adapting to this new normal of living.  

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  • Free 5 Day Fat Loss Challenge! (4:35) 
  • Sara feels overwhelmed of where to even start on her weight loss journey. (8:34)
  • Falling off the horse isn’t the problem, it’s how quickly we can get back on. (10:40)
  • Tracking where you currently are helps you create a plan for the future. (18:27)


I truly hope that interview was helpful for you as you listened to Sara get coached through her questions and overwhelm. Just as Sara, in order to make changes, we need to know where we are currently at. As we acknowledge where we are (not good or bad - just is), we are able to create a plan to get where we would ultimately like to be!

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