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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jun 9, 2020

Today I have an extra special guest who is my coach and my business mentor onto the podcast, Mr. James Wedmore. I fell in love with how he presents business and how he speaks about business and how he coaches business. I joined his program, Business by Design. Throughout it, I went from being a solo entrepreneur, you know, coaching and helping people yes to now a multiple six-figure business with a team and we are able to serve and help so many more women because of that, and I have his coaching and mentorship really to thank for that. And so you can see why I am so excited to bring him on to the podcast today, because he has had such a transformational hand in my business and in my personal growth. And I'm just so excited for you to get introduced to him to hear his insights and thoughts. 

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  • Take actions without being afraid of making mistakes. (9:18)
  • Follow your bliss, your passion, do what you love.  (16:27)
  • Law of duality. (23:04)
  • To learn and to grow is to help each other grow. (29:06)
  • It’s all about mind conditioning. (44:02, 49:23)
  • Find that essence. (58:56)
  • For every problem, there’s already a solution. (1:03:44)


For every problem, there's already a solution. And the answer is through your questions. When you begin to ask outcome-oriented questions, you will find the answer. Life unfolds in infinite possibilities. Another thing is to combine impact with the power of asking outcome-oriented questions. And if you just let that guide you every day, you'd be amazed at where you'd be in a year from now. Have outcome-oriented questions that will guide your life in a completely new direction.