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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jun 23, 2020

In this episode with Jenna, we go a little bit more towards the personal aspect and more towards her experience with body acceptance and with going through the different stages of her body and what it's looked like and what that thought process has been. And my hope for you as you listen to this episode and as you listen to Jenna and what she shares about her journey, that you're able to take some of the things that she says and actually put them into action in your own life. I truly believe that as you listen to this episode, there will be something in here that will speak to you on some level. And I really encourage you to take action on whatever that is that speaks to you. 

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  • Body acceptance (0:47)
  • Loving and accepting yourself  (8:20)
  • Assess  how do you want to feel  (13:07)
  • Think and acknowledge your thoughts  (13:54)
  • Believe more with your positive thoughts (15:39)
  • Create feelings from your thoughts (17:41)
  • Being balanced to being aligned (21:09)
  • How gratitude empowers you (25:35)


I really hope that you're leaving this podcast episode with some tools that you can use and some ways that you can actively shift those thoughts in your head and make them more productive. You have goals and you want to reach them. And the thoughts that you think and the beliefs that you hold are one of the most, if not the most important things to get aware of and to shift so that they align with the results that you want to create. And that's a lot of what Jenna shared and I appreciate that she approached it from the thought work that needs to happen, the belief shifting that needs to happen because those thoughts and those beliefs create your actions and those actions are exactly what creates the results that you want or don't want. Create results either way.