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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jul 7, 2020

Hashimoto’s plays into the realm of fitness in terms of weight loss and weight gain, because the thyroid hormone is so intricately involved with metabolism. So whenever we talk about weight, we start to talk about weight gain and fat gain, there is inherent anxiety that comes with that and for a lot of women with Hashimoto's that weight gain and that feeling of not being able to control leaves them a little bit anxious about it. And so I wanted to bring someone on the podcast who could give a perspective as both somebody in fitness realm who is focusing on fitness and active and also has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's so that she could share her story, her experience on how she's been able to try to go through the process of getting diagnosed with Hashimoto's and still is focusing on her fitness and what she's seen with her body. 

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