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Biceps After Babies Radio

Oct 27, 2020

Today my guest is someone that's a little bit different because most people in the fitness industry wouldn't put the two of us together, "opposing sides". But it's interesting that both of us share the same goal and that’s where we want you to get to. I believe that's the goal for most women in the fitness industry, to empower women, we want women to be able to live their best life. And so we have already had a really good conversation and I'm really excited for you to listen to it.

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  • Food freedom (3:50, 30:45)
  • Relationship with food (8:49)
  • Diet Mentality (11:16, 12:35)
  • Recognize the diet stories (16:01, 17:59, 20:42)
  • Learn to create new stories (16:37, 18:42, 25:00)
  • Allow all foods back into your life (17:19, 19:04)
  • Recognize the behavior around food (25:16, 34:56)
  • Recognize that there might be roadblocks but be willing to work along with it (33:44)


I really hope that you enjoyed this episode as you listened to Elizabeth and I talk about two things that people sometimes pit against each other. Like it doesn't have to be that way. What I loved about Elizabeth and what she was willing to share is the similarities between the things that we do with our clients, and how we are able to get results, and how the end goal of getting you to the place to feel freedom, to feel like you can create the life that you want is really the end destination and the end goal. So I'm really grateful to Elizabeth for coming on the podcast and I hope that we will have more of these types of conversations with people who may believe differently than us may have a different perspective. I think the more that we can build these types of bridges, the more women we can end up helping, and that's the real end destination that we really want.