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Biceps After Babies Radio

Dec 1, 2020

I'm just so itching to have you listen to this interview that I had with Kiki. We talk about a whole range of topics, about eating,  lifting, but most importantly, we talk about the idea of eating more to weigh less. Kiki and I have done a couple of things together. When I feel like having thoughts in my head about different concepts, Kiki did such a good job of really putting them succinctly in a way that makes it really easy to comprehend and understand. And this idea, we talked about is eating more to weigh less. You might ask, how can that be a thing? How can eat more to weigh less be a thing that it like does it scientifically work? And so we actually dive into that concept. And it can be such a revolutionary game-changer for so many women. 

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