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Biceps After Babies Radio

Feb 2, 2021

Let's dive into today's topic, which is why your weight loss is slow and what the heck to do about it. So maybe you've had this experience where you're going through a fat loss phase and it's so slow and you're getting frustrated. Some don't see results and are not motivated and eventually, what ends up happening is they end up quitting, right? It doesn't meet your expectations at all.  So I want to talk about this because I think it's a really important topic. And I'm going to share some reasons why your weight loss may be slow. And we're going to talk about if you identify with one of those, what can you do about it. I believe that there's always the next step to move forward.

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  • 5 steps to become a macro scientist (2:09)
  • What Macros 101 has to offer to help you in your journey (8:24,33:42)
  • Reasons why your weight loss is slow (10:03)
  • The leaner you get the exponentially harder you lose weight (14:24)
  • Reverse Diet (17:01)
  • Difference between the data and the interpretation of the data  (20:25)
  • Tracking and gathering data is essential  (21:53)
  • Acknowledge your realities but don’t be a victim to them  (24:55)
  • Losing fat is supposed to be slow so embrace and enjoy the journey (27:06)


So I hope going through these helped you to maybe identify and maybe calm down a little bit in terms of your expectations. Expectations are everything. And so expectations as you go into a process, it's really important to figure out what expectations am I going in with and where do those expectations come from? Like, again, expectations are normal. But when you can start to get clear on where they're coming from, you can decide if they are actually accurate and if they're actually going to serve you in your journey. So getting clear on those expectations, where they come from, and which ones you want to continue to hold on to that are actually serving you in your journey.