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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jul 6, 2021

In today’s episode, I discuss the difference between calorie counting and macro counting. You’ll walk away understanding the hierarchy of nutrition and how you can benefit from paying attention to macronutrients. If you’re looking to feel more balanced with your food choices, remove the morality of food, and make nutrition something that is both enjoyable and sustainable, this episode is for you! So let’s dive in.

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  • Macro Counting (3:19, 40:27, 52:45)
  • Macros 101 (4:21, 44:04)
  • Calories and the three main macronutrients (7:52, 10:09, 16:55)
  • How the hierarchy of nutrition impacts your body composition (11:43)
  • Fat, carbohydrates, and protein   (17:43, 20:17, 22:20)
  • Reasons why paying attention to macronutrients is so beneficial (25:14)
  • No. 1: Macro counting helps you maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss (26:32)
  • No. 2: Macro counting helps you to keep your food choices balanced (33:25)
  • No. 3: Macro counting helps to remove food labels, the morality of food (36:58)
  • No. 4: Macro counting is both enjoyable and sustainable (50:17)