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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jul 13, 2021

Today on the podcast I have Jody Moore, Master Certified Life Coach, where we chat about her relationship with the scale, food, and her body. She explains how her fitness journey provides an opportunity for her to take the coaching she does with her clients (mental and emotional), and apply similar coaching to herself with fitness. I’m excited for you to join us as we answer the question, “Is it ok to have a goal to change your body?” So let’s get into it!

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  • Benefits from coaching  (6:35, 40:52, 41:35)
  • How goals we set bring up the opportunity to strengthen ourselves mentally & emotionally (8:31)
  • The power of our thoughts (10:35)
  • Difference between needing to change and wanting to change one's body (11:34, 13:10)
  • Dealing with the scale (17:57, 20:56, 27:28)
  • There are many goals you can set around nutrition (24:36)
  • Moderators vs. abstainers (29:36, 30:39, 31:12 )
  • Adding things in rather than subtracting things (37:36)
  • Consistency (38:58)
  • Confidence In Your Numbers (45:06, 46:50, 48:27)