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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jul 16, 2021

Today is the start of our Friday bonus episodes, where I talk to MACROS101 alumnae and learn about their personal fitness, health, and weight loss journeys! We’re kicking it off with Shaelie, who’s dealt with PCOS and has experienced transformations both before having a child and after pregnancy. I'm so excited for you to hear Shaelie's story.

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  • Beneficial tools in Macros 101 (13:45, 14:51)
  • Shalie’s postpartum weight loss journey (18:13, 26:38, 28:31)
  • One’s success is inevitable (20:10)
  • How tracking is important (21:54)
  • The need to prioritize what’s important to us  (24:06)
  • Listen to your body rather than your fear (30:56, 34:07)
  • Internal transformation (34:07, 35:43) 
  • Confidence In Your Numbers (40:32, 42:30, 48:27)