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Biceps After Babies Radio

Jul 27, 2021

Today's episode is a fun one. We’re going to go through ten myths that’re making your fitness journey more difficult. Now, let’s get to some myth-busting.

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  • Myth No. 1 You can’t count macros if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan (2:20) 
  • Myth No. 2 Macro counting is a new fad diet (10:23)
  • Myth No. 3 You have to hit your macros perfectly in order to see results (14:38)
  • Myth No. 4 You have to eat over 140 grams of protein to be successful (21:40)
  • Myth No. 5 You don't/ can't eat nutrient-dense food while counting macros (25:03)
  • Myth No. 6 You have to weigh everything (29:13)
  • Myth No. 7 Going under your macros is better than hitting them (31:24) 
  • Myth No. 8 Counting macros is restrictive (33:01)
  • Myth No. 9 Counting macros is only for weight lifters or women who are lean (37:18)
  • Myth No. 10 You have to eat low fat (42:33) 
  • What’s in store in Macros 101 (19:55, 20:47, 31:24, 35:57)