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Biceps After Babies Radio

Dec 7, 2021

As I mentioned in my last episode, I’m taking a break from producing new BAB Radio Episodes for the month of December 2021. Rather, I’m going to highlight some great throwback episodes that are full of golden nuggets to help you in your journey. I’m calling this series, “Best Of” because they really are that great, and sometimes, it takes revisiting familiar concepts multiple times for them to stick.


For today’s “Best Of” episode, I thought I’d bring you back to Episode 51, where I talked all about the questions we ask ourselves. This is something that I do a lot in my coaching -- Help walk clients through asking themselves better questions. Hopefully, this episode is fun and informative, and you’ll be able to apply it to your journey. So, let’s dive into this throwback episode!

** Please note, as a “Best Of” episode, some of the links you’ll hear mentioned are no longer active. All currently working links that are referred to in the episode will be in the show notes on my website.

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